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10 Business Ideas Producing 100 million dollars

Anyone with even a business idea, who thinks he can make millions. The problem is implementing the idea and business plan. There are, however, plenty of entrepreneurs who had simple ideas that have turned into big business.
Names like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg come to mind when we think of those lucky few who have made money from their ideas.

But should not live in Silicon Valley or Seattle to turn your business idea into a million, according to CNBC.

01. Chris and Robin Sorensen – Firehouse Subs

Chris and Robin Sorensen were firefighters in Florida and had the idea to open a restaurant based on sandwiches based on their family history of firefighting tradition.

Sorenson brothers borrowed money in 1994 on a credit line of Robin’s in-laws and opened the first restaurant that was decorated with fire equipment and a mural representing the local fire department.

Robin Chris commenced work on the restaurant continued to be a fireman part time. Now both brothers fight the flames left behind them as Firehouse Subs franchise has become a full expansion.

There are 514 restaurants in the United States Stars and the figure continues to grow, as the company intends to aextindă in the north-east, central and south-east of the country.

In 2011, Firehouse Subs restaurants had total sales worth almost 285 million dollars.

(w460) Chris and

02. Mary Ellen Sheets – Two men and a truck

Mary Ellen Sheets has not transport garbage ever imagined that you can turn into a business of several million dollars. In the early 80s her sons, Jon and Brig Sorber started to be carriers to tranport the neighbors who own garbage pickup, junk or furniture.

When the boys went to college phone continued to ring so their mother hired two men and bought another truck for $ 350. At first activity was a hobby but later, in the late 80s gave up work to devote all the time transport business.

From the moment you decided to sell the business franchise money began to flow. Now even business called “Two Men and a Truck” has 224 branches in 34 states.

Brig Sorber took his mother’s place as president of the company, but Mary Ellen Sheets occupy a seat in the Board of Directors with Jon Sorber.

In 2011 the company made 353,761 shipments, after which he received $ 220 million.

(w460) Mary Ellen

3. Bert and John Jacobs – Life is good

Bert and John Jacobs designed their jerseys părimele in 1989 and sold them on the streets of Boston and the colegiille the U.S. East Coast. For five years I avoided success.

Then, in 1994, had the idea to use for promotional purposes a cardboard figure named Jake and the slogan “Life is good”.

People have loved the message simple and optimistic and shirts were sold like hot cakes at a local fair, then became interested in clothes stores.

Now Jake’s face and the slogan on the shirts are not just objects but went on to towels to pots and leashes for dogs.

Life is really good now for Bert and John Jacobs, because the business is thriving, with revenue for 2011 totaling over 100 million dollars.

(w460) Bert and J

04. Sara Blakely — Spanx

One night, Sara Blakely cut the bottom of a pair of tights and so was born the idea of ​​Spanx product.

With savings of $ 5,000 Blakely patented invention without socks, tights and went through North Carolina in search of textile factories that want to produce Spanx.

Only a factory owner decided to put into practice “crazy idea”. In 2000 the improved prototype arrived on store shelves and in the first three months sales reached 50,000 units.

Crazy idea turned into a range of products that are sold worldwide.

In March Sara arrived on Forbes list of billionaires for 2012, because her company’s revenue was estimated at nearly 250 million dollars.

(w460) Sara Blake

05. Geoff, Dave and Catherine Cook — myYearbook

Brothers Dave and Catherine Cook had moved to a new school year when he came up with an album promotions online high school.

To sup have addressed their eldest brother Geoff Cook, who was in college, and it has become t in 2005, the president and first investor of site myYearbook.

After nine months the site already had a million users and has grown as has overcome the world and has become a secondary socialization.

In November 2011 the social network Quepasa myYearbook bought for $ 100 million, and in June this year was renamed MeetMe site myYearbook.

All three brothers are still working at the company.

(w460) Geoff, Dav

06. Jennifer Telfer — Pillow Pets

The idea shaped pillow pets Jennifer Telfer came after he saw her sons as turtle stuffed animals for use as pillows.

She and her husband decided to sell their own products in 2003 under the cushions own company, CJ Products, at a kiosk during the summer holidays.

Since then sales have exploded, and revenues for 2010 amounted to 300 million dollars.
(w460) Jennifer T

07. Tom and Kate Chappell — Tom’s of Maine

Tom and Kate Chappell moved to Maine in 1968 hoping to simplify their lives. When they realized that there are natural and unprocessed, decided to produce and sell themselves.

They laut a loan of $ 5,000 and placed shampoo and personal hygiene products to all natural food stores.

Five years later they released their most successful product, the teeth Tom’s of Maine.

Until 1999 sales have exceeded 40 million dollars and in 2006 Colgate Palmolive bought 84% of the company Tom’s of Maine for 100 million dollars.

Chappell family now has a new business: Rambler’s Way Farm, which creates haien wool.
(w460) Tom and Ka

08. Jim Koch – Boston Beer Company

His father Jim Koch is part of the fifth generation of brewers, but Jim continued the family business after several large companies have monopolized the market.

Koch returned to its roots when he noticed that people want something different. He searched his grandfather recipe and started making beer in your own kitchen.

Once you sample the beer was ready and gave MEDIMAT the position of management consultant and went from door to door on the bars in Boston in an attempt to sell Samuel Adams Boston lager.

Today the company is the largest brewer special and sells 30 different types. Recipes using only natural ingredients.

The company has earned its products, more international beer tasting competitions than any other.

TheBoston Beer Company had 2011 revenue of 513 million dollars.

(w460) Jim Koch â

09. Joel Glickman — K’NEX

It happened at a wedding. Joel Glickman, who was then 50 years and worked at the family plastics business began to cut and join several drinking straws.

Creation gave him the idea to make a plastic toy that can be built. After being rejected by specialized companies Hasbro and Mattel, Glickman decided to produce toys from the family factory.

In 1993, shortly after it entered the market K’nex, founder of Toys R Us’ said it best toy for years.

Four years later he brought his toy sales Glickman 100 million dolari.Compania anticipates sales of about $ 100 million and for 2012.

(w460) Joel Glick

10. Jim McCann — 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

Jim McCann was a bartender and a social worker, but still wanted to longer round the income when he bought a flower shop, for $ 10,000 in 1976.

The business has expanded to 13 florists in the metropolitan area of ​​New York, but only in 1986, after it bought 1-800-FLOWERS phone number, business boomed.

McCann’s company was the first to adopt a 1-800 phone number with a name, and the idea worked.

Internet domain was bought in 1991, and in 1999 the number was added particle 1-800-FLOWERS. COM.

The company reported total revenue of 689.8 million dollars in fiscal year 2011.

(w460) Jim McCann